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Cremation Services

Honor your loved one’s wishes with help from Saxet Funeral Home of Corpus Christi, Texas. We offer cremation services that are a respectful alternative to traditional burial.

Direct Cremation

When enlisting our services, we make it our foremost priority to honor the requests of your dearly departed. Our service fee for a Direct Cremation is $1,695. This encompasses the transfer of your loved one to our facility and their subsequent preparation for the cremation process. Upon receiving authorization, we initiate the cremation process with utmost care and proficiency. It is imperative to note that direct cremations do not entail a formal ceremony, hence, we only deploy the minimum personnel required for the cremation process. Moreover, direct cremations are subject to legal requirements such as the purchase of a minimum casket, permits, and a death certificate. To adhere to these requisites, we employ alternative containers, crafted from materials such as fiberboard or composite wood. These containers are priced at an additional $175

Urn Catalog

Urn Catalog

Cremation with a Viewing Service

Cremation with a Viewing Service
    We offer affordable cremation with viewing services starting at $5,925    (1 day). For this service, you receive a traditional funeral ceremony and cremation. This does not include any third party items such as clergy, news paper obituary, and extra death certificates.

Our cremation viewing service includes all of the following items:

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Third-party charges are not included with this package. Third-party charges include flowers, obituary notices, donations to the church or clergy, police escorts, memorial videos, and death certificates.

Appointment of Agent to Control

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Disposition of Remains

Receive our cremation services when you request a service from our company in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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