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Cremation Services

Honor your loved one’s wishes with help from Saxet Funeral Home of Corpus Christi, Texas. We offer cremation services that are a respectful alternative to traditional burial.

Direct Cremation 

When you hire us, we take pride in honoring your loved one's wishes. For $1,295 we will transfer your loved one to our facility, and prepare them for their cremation. Once we are authorized, we transport your loved one to the local crematory. Direct cremations do not include a ceremony; therefore, we only provide the minimum required staff for the cremation process.  Direct cremation requires a standard cremation tray by law, permits, and the purchase of death certificates.


For direct cremations, we use alternative containers, which are made of materials like fiber board or composite wood. These containers are an additional $75. Permit fees may apply.  


Is it true that you can get a FREE CREMATION when you donate your body to science?



Donating your body through LifeLegacy incurs no cost to the donor or their family. The costs covered by LifeLegacy upon acceptance include:  transportation from the place of death to LifeLegacy, cremation, sending cremated remains to family and a letter of benefit regarding the donation (if requested). For more information please visit




Biodegradable Urns

$25  -  $225

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Biodegradable Urns are ideal for Burials at Sea.

They come in many colors.

They Can be made into any shape you like and

  are designed to float for a brief moment then slowly dissolve and sink gracefully.

A clean alternative to a messy scattering that can be caused by high winds around the coast. 


Urn Catalog

$35  -  $425




Cremation with a Viewing Service

We offer affordable cremation with viewing services starting at$3,360(1 day) - $3,660(2 days). For this service, you receive a traditional funeral ceremony and cremation.  

( models and actors where used in the production of this picture)

We offer a rental chapel for the ceremony; however, we can also provide our equipment and services at the church or home of your choice.

Our cremation viewing service includes all of the following items:




 Third-party charges are not included with this package. Third-party charges include flowers, obituary notices, donations to the church or clergy, police escorts, memorial videos, and death certificates.



Appointment of Agent to Control

 Disposition of Remains



Receive our cremation services when you request a service from our company in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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