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Burial Services & Funeral Home in Corpus Christi, Texas

Let Saxet Funeral Home of Corpus Christi, Texas, ease your stress during this difficult time. Our funeral home offers burial services that provide everything you need to honor your loved one.

Immediate Burial

Our immediate burial services cost $1,795. This price includes a minimum metal casket; however, we carry other affordable upgrades. Viewing or ceremony are not included in this package but an additional cost can and will be applied if you would like to include these in the package.

As part of our affordable burial services, we will transfer your loved one to our facility. We take the necessary proper care. We take proper care of your loved one. Once we receive authorization, our dedicated staff will transport your loved one to the cemetery of your choice for your graveside service. This service includes the minimal required staff & equipment vehicles.

Casket, Funeral Home in Corpus Christi, TX

Prices & Packages

Our lowest price for our burial is $1,095: however, this price does not include a casket. We offer a burial package for $3,200, which includes everything except third-party charges. Third-party charges include flowers, obituary notices, donations to the church or clergy, police escorts, memorial videos, and death certificates. This package includes:

• Embalming & Refrigeration of Deceased
• Transportation of Remains to Mortuary
  (Within a 45-Mile Radius)
• Transportation to the Church & Cemetery
• A 15-Passenger Limo for Family
• Pallbearers
• Transportation for Flowers
• A Register Book

• Prayer Cards
• Memorial Candles
• A Memorial Photo
• Crosses, Crucifixes, & Rosary Beads

We also offer a chapel for your ceremony, it seats 100 people. If you like, our staff can come to the church of your choice to provide our funeral services.

Request a service from our funeral home in Corpus Christi, Texas, to receive our burial services.